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The economic downturn has stalled the pipeline of new housing supply. Once-energetic property developers have become risk-averse.

London’s population projections are upwards and demand for housing increases. Outside of London, our seaside towns are in decline and are crying out for investment. Affordable housing in rural settings continues to be a scarce resource. Unemployment is increasing and the welfare reform agenda is likely to have some profound ramifications for affordable and social housing tenants.

Traditional estate-based regeneration schemes are no longer practical. Public subsidy and cross-subsidy from outright market sale is not present in sufficient volume. The new affordable rent model requires a much more commercial approach and carries risks.

It is a challenging and rapidly changing landscape, where success requires innovation, insight, drive and creativity.

We can work with you to devise new solutions, delivery vehicles, opportunities and investment.


We offer advice and support in areas such as:

  • Visioning – assisting leaders to pull together the big picture.
  • Brokerage – seeing the opportunity, bringing partners together and finding the synergy.
  • Securing opportunities – supporting bids, shaping proposals to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Programme management –we can lead or support on delivering the key outcomes.
  • Community engagement – we can talk and listen to the key communities and stakeholders.
  • Navigating the public sector – piloting through local, regional and central government.
  • Public affairs – we assist clients to win with opinion leaders.
  • Tackling worklessness and delivering social renewal.
  • Helping you to identify New Business Development opportunities.
  • Helping you to devise Development and Asset Strategies.
  • We can assist you in implementing your development strategies.

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